Custom Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

So many mouthpieces, which one is correct for me?

So you’ve decided that you want to purchase a snoring mouthpiece to eliminate your snoring at night, but with so many options which one is right for you? Let’s first start off with the least expensive and most economical route, which would be a custom fit mouth piece kit that can be ordered online.

The universal custom fit mouthpiece is by far the least expensive alternative to snoring and can be purchased over the internet. These are devices are extremely similar to a sports mouth guard that is specifically designed to reduce snoring. The customization can be simply boiling them and making your own impression at home until the custom fit is desired. Being the least expensive alternative, pricing can range from $30-$80.

Custom Fit “DIY” Mouthpiece

These custom fit mouthpieces can be purchased on the internet for usually low cost. These kits come with a device that is similar to a sports mouth guard similar to the one’s you used when you played football. These kits allow you to make your own impression at home by mixing up a paste that forms as a putty. You apply the putty into your mouth guard (or tray) and form an impression of your upper and lower teeth. Once a nice impression has been made of your upper and lower jaw, you will then mail the impressions in a dental bag which most companies provide. Once you mail off your impressions, it usually takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks before you will receive a custom made mouthpiece made specifically from your impressions you took at home. This method is most popular do to the ease and afford ability. Most home impression kits and companies have a price range from $80-$200.

Professional Dental Fit Mouthpieces

One of the most expensive yet professional options to a snoring mouthpiece would be visiting your local dentist for a precision fit to your need and application. Typically they will take a mold of your mouth and then either send off for a custom mouthpiece or fashion it themselves. You can find a dentist who specializes in sleep dentistry at the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine website.  Although the route of going to a dentist specializing in sleep dentistry for a custom fit mold, it does come with a price usually ranging from $800 and up.